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Voice Acting

2011-10-06 19:13:00 by undeadmadness

WOOO!!! going to try to get a voice acting gig XD

I am alive

2010-07-19 00:09:40 by undeadmadness

well, that is unless any of my friends see this, I have been busy, and well I am doing voice acting :)

ya about flash

2009-12-18 13:07:46 by undeadmadness

yep I have a version lower then then flash 8 and guess waht i think its something like AS 3.0 or like that what ever >_> so I was wondering if andyone can do a team effort with me to make a game I thought of? Portal escape. the only thing I request the person I work with is log onto my account >_> if I trust you, I will try to contact tom before I allow you to pst it for me couse I like to replie to every review I get so...... All I need is someone to program events and put it together I already started it so most of the stuff will already be made and I think I should be able to sent the flash file to you couse you can emport it to the current flash and program it right. so anyone that I know want to help me plz?

ya about flash

I shall have flash

2009-10-11 20:04:33 by undeadmadness

thats right as soon as I get flash back very very very soon I will come with an awsome tralior that I have been planing all summer.


2009-07-09 22:34:29 by undeadmadness

I am making a movie with a few of my clan members from deadfrontier. AND I made pics of them before my computer had to be redone. I dont have flash again but will be geting it very soon. well I hope you like the pics of me and in later post I will have more members in it and no I am not the clan leader.



2009-07-08 17:24:52 by undeadmadness

well just wanted to say that i am not dead and have been stuck on deadfrontier the MMORPG but was just saying i am alive.

game for newgrounds

2009-05-17 20:51:46 by undeadmadness

to all who have played newgrounds rumble how about we try to make a newer version of it but I don't know how to do that but am looking for people who can so how about it I mean I can think of all the characters for it and story lines so any out there good at animating and programing this type of stuff?

the quiz

2009-04-10 15:06:49 by undeadmadness

the quiz is now up. tell me what you think.


2009-03-30 20:00:24 by undeadmadness

well I am making a quiz that test's what you know about madness from the first on to even people that are not in the main series (Don't worry Those wont be hard.) But if you have any thing to say now well be a good time and look here this is the play area. If it is messed up sorry and tell me if it is. Well back to work for me.
4/1/09 lol china.



2009-03-17 20:24:18 by undeadmadness

Yep I am still working on the flash and I am going to make them look better. So my work is being done slowly (Becouse it has a story-line) I am waiting on my script from my friend. But It will be done (Befor i die lol) But ya if any one has some ideas what the new character should look like plz tell me your thoughts so maby they can look better the three on the right side for main can be better I know the blue is a military Lt. And whit tie is a secret agent and a scientest and if you have the madness sprite sheet If you want to make a Background guy you can make him send me a pic and I will see if he is in the movie (The all will knowing me. lol) but ya tell me what you think.